Welcome to St. Joseph's all day Kindergarten class. Our kindergarten classroom is activity centred. The children learn to do by doing. Activities are concrete rather than abstract. The children are participants rather than spectators. The curriculum is integrated and themes are the vehicles for delivering the curriculum. By relating a number of activities to a central theme I present opportunities for development in an integrated manner.

Teacher's Notes

During the kindergarten day the children move from unstructured activities where they are free to choose what they want to do, to structured activities where they follow the direction of the teacher. These periods might include sharing time, teacher directed activity time, cooperative activity times, story time, snack and lunch time, music and rhythms, directed drawing, games and gym. In this way the children move freely within a controlled structure. They are helped to meet their own needs, while at the same time learning self-discipline and concern for the needs of others. They learn that they are an important member of a group and that in order for that group to function each member has a part to play.