Purdy's Fundraiser - Order Now!

The orders will be available for pick up at the school.

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Customer Number is 24937.  Email address 

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Order forms will be sent home and can be submitted to the office.



FUNDRAISING PROGRAM: Every family must contribute $250 to fundraising projects. Families who do not complete their fundraising commitments will be assessed the balance up to $250.00 in June 2018 for immediate payment. You may opt out of fundraising with a payment of $250.00 dated Sept 1, 2017 payable to St. Joseph’s Parish at the time of re-registration.    

We are looking for parents to join the fundraising committee.  You would assist with raffle, walkathon, purdys etc.  Guaranteed 25 hours of participation.   If you are interested please email Levonne 


Gift Card Program

Numerous gift cards are available for order through the school office.  See above for the order form.   The percentage that the school receives from the purchase of the cards, will go to your family fundraising goal.