Grade 7

Introduction Welcome to grade seven! In our classroom, a strong emphasis is made on working hard, supporting each other and ensuring an easy transition to high school. The grade seven classroom strives to teach students to become passionate about learning and doing so in an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere. I hope this webpage provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the values and expectations of our classroom.     

Religion  A very important sacramental year, Confirmation preparation is the main focus of Grade 7 religious studies. The students begin to understand that they will become adult members of the church and; therefore, responsible in continuing to uphold their faith. Bible knowledge and practical application is greatly emphasized this year. The expectation is, that through regular attendance to Sunday Mass and weekly Mass Journals, the students will see how the Bible refers to everyday living and not just on Sundays. It is required that by the time the students receive the sacrament of Confirmation, that they have completed 40 volunteer service hours within their community to better understand the sacrifices that Jesus made for all of us.    

Language Arts  Improvement of writing skills is a main focus in Language Arts this year, in order to prepare the students for essay writing which is imperative in high school. The students will work towards producing written work which includes thesis statements, correct spelling and grammar and fully developed paragraphs. Throughout the year, both grammar and spelling and the meanings and usage of words are strongly emphasized. In Literature, students will become acquainted with a variety of specific works, such as tales from the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, using literary devices, and elements. Reading for enjoyment is required both at home and at school through the regular use of reading logs and in-class read alouds. Speaking highlights the proper methods for formulating and presenting speeches. The students will analyze other students’ point of views, develop confidence and be able to think quickly when given the opportunity to debate their personal opinions.    

Math  During this year, students begin to transition from arithmetic to algebra, geometry and other higher level branches of mathematics. Subjects like algebra can be challenging so it is essential that the students work hard at the beginning of the year to review and prepare themselves to meet those challenges. A significant part of the course involves number theory, fractions, decimals, percent, and integers. Towards the middle of the year, geometry becomes the main focus with topics such as volume, area and circumference of a circle, and transformations. By the end of the year, the students will have a financially sound understanding of money, banking and credit which will benefit them in today’s economy.    

Science  Laboratory observations will assist the students to better understand the topics that take place in Science this year. To better comprehend topics such as evolution, elements and compounds, and electricity, students will use their five senses to make qualitative and quantitative observations.    

Social Studies  In Grade 7, much of the year focuses on ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Students investigate certain significant time periods before the birth of Christ and, in groups, develop an understanding of those civilizations through projects and presentations. A great deal of Social Studies this year is based on independent and collaborative learning with the assistance of the teacher and technology.    

Visual Arts  Visual Arts offers students an opportunity to discover their world through art by developing their creativity and artistic skills.  Students interpret contemporary artists and apply their methods to create a variety of artworks from Pablo Picasso to Georgia O'Keefe.  

Applied Design, Skills and Technology  Technology and innovation skills will be a large focus throughout the year. The students will be given many opportunities to complete projects which will require various technological platforms. There will be an emphasis on design whereby the students will be given choice and a variety of delivery options.