Grade 2


Welcome to Grade Two! Grade Two is a very exciting year because it will be full of learning opportunities. Most importantly, students will be receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. This year, students will continue to develop and improve their skills throughout all subject areas. Students will also begin to use a student planner to help them develop good wok habits. Below are some of the subject overviews.

Teacher's Notes

Religion: Students will be following the Christ Our Life series for Grade 2 (God Cares for Us) and will have quizzes at the end of each unit. Grade two is a particularly important year in Religion, as it is a Sacramental year. The students continue to grow in their faith as they receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion later in the school year. Because it is a very special year in the spiritual growth and development of your child, it is expected that every student should have the opportunity to attend Sunday mass each week. It is important, particularly in these formative years, for children to develop a respect and appreciation for weekly Mass celebrations. Students will have the opportunity to lead the First Friday school mass in March.   

Language Arts: Students will learn various reading strategies through whole-class instruction and will move into guided reading groups at their appropriate reading levels.  Students will also work at literacy centres to practice and reinforce their reading and writing skills. Students will also learn about sentence structure, including the concepts related to creating simple sentences. For Phonics, they will receive worksheets in order to practice basic spelling and recognize words so that their reading, writing, and grammar will improve. Furthermore, students will continue to improve their printing skills. Homeward Bound: Students will bring books home to read. Please take time to guide your child and help him/her read for at least twenty minutes each night. During the first half of the year, most of the Grade Two students cannot fully read and understand on their own. Your guidance will help in many ways. Following reading, have your child record the book and pages in his/her Homeward Bound reading record sheet found in the red duotang. When appropriate, it will help greatly to have a discussion about the day’s reading as well. The discussion could include: - From looking at the cover and title, what do you think the book is about?- What is your favourite part of the book? Why?- Who is your favourite character? What do you appreciate about him/her?- Did the story turn out the way you thought it would?- Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not?- Does this book remind you of anything in your life? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Fine Arts: Students will use many resources throughout the year to create visual art. Students will incorporate various artists’ styles into their own artwork as they continue to learn about new methods of design. Students will also respond to artwork that they observe and they will demonstrate respect and awareness of the various types of art forms.