Grade 1

 Welcome to Grade One! The transition from Kindergarten to Grade One is an important and exciting step in learning for children. Children enter Grade One with a wide range of abilities, so the year ahead will be filled with many new learning experiences that will provide your child with opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially at his or her own pace. The major focus in Grade One is to develop your child's reading and spelling skills. As parents, you can contribute to your child's progress by ensuring that you read with them each night. In other academic areas such as Math, your child will learn to represent numbers to 20, add and subtract to 20, measure and much more. In Science, your child will conduct experiments and develop skills to accurately record observations. Your child will develop a greater understanding of our faith and grow closer to God by participating in school Masses, prayers and, by completing activities in their Christ Our Life book. All the activities planned this year will encourage your child to work towards becoming a confident and independent learner.